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Jan 16, 2021

The Story of The Original Farah

I would like to start this new year, which brings exciting changes for Rachel Farah Selections, by sharing the story of the original Farah. My grandmother Farah was born in 1910 in Hong Kong to the Nissim family, Iraqi/Indian Jewish traders whose lineage has its roots in the Sephardic Jewish diaspora from Portugal and the Iberian peninsula in the late 1400s. The Nissims traveled to China on a trade route with extended stays in Bombay and Burma...

Nov 7, 2020

The Tinned Gold Rush - A Brief History of the Portuguese Tinned Sardine!

The Beginning - Sardines, Greeks, and Salt! Tinned sardines or conservas are a quintessential Portuguese treat enjoye...

Sep 4, 2020

Recreate a Portuguese BBQ in your backyard!

Missing all things Portugal and travel? Me too! So, I teamed up with my Producer Quinta do Tedo from the Douro Valley to help you recreate the experience in your own backyard! Quinta do Tedo has helped us out by authoring two delicious end of summer recipes: their famous Piri Piri BBQ chicken and a tomato and melon salad.

Jun 15, 2020

In Support of BLM & Black-Owned Wine and Spirit Businesses

The Black Lives Matter marches this month marked the largest national movement since the 1960s. It is an incredible time of change, anxiety, and hope in America today. As a small business owner, I can suggest a significant way to help the cause; support independent, black-owned businesses.

Feb 13, 2020

Portuguese Rosé Port Cocktail - Love is in the ... Glass!

To get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day (and spring!) here is Quinta do Tedo's famous Port rosé cocktail! What I love about this cocktail is you don't need to be a mixologist to get it right. The Port does most of the talking and you just need a few more ingredients to make this slam dunk of a recipe!

Feb 11, 2020

9 Wine & Food Pairing Tips!

Humans can perceive 5 tastes and 10,000 aromas. Since the 80s, food engineers, molecular chefs, sommeliers, and trend-obsessed foodies have dove deep into exploring endless combinations of tastes, aromas and textures. This gastronomic revolution continues to change and sometimes confuse the way we think about food and wine. Today, pairing the two can seem daunting. 

Feb 5, 2020

The Newest Port Kid on Portugal's Block - Port Rosé !

300+ years of production, modern winemaking technology, and adventurous winemakers have given us a fresh new version of this traditional, fortified wine. Enter Port Rosé , the newest Port on the block!

Jan 28, 2020

Portuguese Petisco Recipes For Super Bowl Sunday

Anyone who has been to Portugal has indulged in the classic treat - petiscos -  small plates enjoyed together with friends. Petiscos are a delicious snack or meal AND they are the perfect Super Bowl finger food! 

Jan 24, 2020

Where to Stay in Lisbon - A Spotlight on Four Emblematic Neighborhoods

With year round sunshine, a plethora of easy day trips and an incredibly walkable center full of vibrant restaurants...

Jan 23, 2020

Let's start at the very beginning - white, red and the oh-so-lovely rosé!

Before I worked in the wine biz I found myself reading books, taking classes and  in a general pointless abyss of try...

Jan 1, 2020

Portuguese Inspired Desserts and Port Pairings!

What is Portuguese cuisine without its sweets! The wonderful thing about Port is that there are so many styles to ch...

Dec 31, 2019

Visiting the Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is one of Portugal’s most iconic destinations - and for good reason. It's incredibly steep hills ar...
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