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Nov 7, 2022

TAWNY PORT 101 + And Our Tawny Port Spiked Pumpkin Pie!

Take your Tawny Port understanding full circle by not only learning 101 and pairing tips but also infusing America’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert with this golden nectar!

Feb 3, 2022

Port Rosé 101 & our Port Rosé Tonic Recipe

300+ years of production, modern winemaking technology, and adventurous winemakers have given us a fresh new version of this traditional, fortified wine. Enter Port Rosé , the newest Port on the block!

Jan 5, 2022

Sardine Nutrition & Our Sardine Red Pepper Tart Tatin

Learn about the benefits of canned sardines and check out our savoury sardine tart recipe; packed with both flavor and nutrition. 

Nov 4, 2021

Thanksgiving Wine PAIRING & Recipe GUIDE, Portuguese style!

 As the season for festive smorgasbords, lengthy meals, and free-flowing libations approaches, we’d like to inspire you with countless ways to pair one of our great Portuguese partners’ food-friendly Ports, Douro DOC wines and olive oil with your Thanksgiving spread.

Oct 23, 2021

Sardine Recipe Guide!

To celebrate our newest Portuguese sardines hitting our site from Conservas Pinhais, we have put together a sardine guide to some of of our favorite tinned sardine recipes. From sardine fried rice, to sardine filled empanadas - we got you covered!

Oct 10, 2021

Port Cocktail Recipe Guide!

Our comprehensive list of Port cocktails are delicious and super easy. Using rosé Port, Tawny Port and white Port these recipes are so easy you don't need to be a mixologist to get them right!

Aug 31, 2021

Portuguese gazpacho recipe - with canned sardines!

Gazpacho is a delicious cold summer soup from the Iberian Peninsula. Both the Portuguese and the Spanish use the same ingredients but cook it in a completely different way! This is a blend of the two styles with some tinned sardines for a pop of flavor!

Jul 10, 2021

Super Easy 5 Ingredient Pasta with Canned Sardines!

There are some nights when you want to indulge on something delicious to pair with a nice glass of wine but don't really want to deal with complicated recipes. This pasta with canned sardines is 5 ingredients and 15 minutes from start to finish! 

Jun 25, 2021


Joana here to sharing SEVEN versatile recipes form Portugal for your 4th of July BBQ. In Portugal we have a food tradition called "petiscos", which are basically small plates of food designed to be shared and enjoyed together. It's all about local food that's easy to make and delicious to eat - so petiscos and sangria are a perfect fit for the 4th of July!

Jun 24, 2021


A classic dish in Portugal with African roots - piri piri peppers, a staple in Portugal, are originally from Africa. This dish that reflects the Portuguese explorations throughout the world centuries ago, discovering new worlds and bringing back inspiration to create new forms of delicious food.

Jun 24, 2021


In Portugal, salad is usually a side dish and it changes slightly from north to south, coast to inland so when you come you can just explore them all, one restaurant at a time. I'm sharing the south of Portugal's Algarve version, which is a great side for any BBQ, because it will pair perfectly with either fish, meat or veggies.

Jun 21, 2021


A super fun, easy to make, crowd-pleasing sangria that will definitely taste like summer! You can use any white wine for this recipe but try to use a light, mineral, citric and fresh Portuguese wine like a vinho verde. A vinho verde sangria will be a nice surprise to your summer gatherings. All you really need is a big pitcher, ice, wine, fruit, something bubbly, some herbs and some spice.
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