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Sweet, Spicy and Citric Roasted Portuguese Peanuts

Sweet, Spicy and Citric Roasted Portuguese Peanuts

Joana here - Farah Trading Co's official wine and food writer based in Leiria, Portugal!

Today's Portuguese Petisco recipe is one for those days where you just want a quick snack, something really easy and simple - a perfect pairing for a cocktail? What's better than a peanut recipe!  Not just any peanuts – delicious Portuguese style peanuts you can flavor yourself in less than 30 minutes. Next time you’re hosting friends (that time will come!), try these out!

First things first – turn your oven on to preheat at 350º Fahrenheit.

Now, on a mixing bowl start by preparing your dry mix. I used brown sugar, smoked paprika, oregano and sea salt. On a bigger mixing bowl, whip an egg white until frothy.

You can either use peeled peanuts or peanuts in the shell. The latter may sound like a chore but if you allow yourself some time, shelling peanuts can be very relaxing! I wanted something really quick so I bought the peeled variety.

Separate the eggs, mix the peanuts in the egg white, add the dry spice mix and fold everything together.

Now, spread the mix onto an oven tray and let the peanuts get golden and crispy, around 10 minutes. Halfway through just remove the tray, add a little bit more salt and some orange zest, mix them around and put it back for the remaining five minutes. Done!

Once they’re out, mix and separate them with a fork and let them rest for a few minutes.

It will be impossible to resist, the kitchen will smell amazing and your brain will go on a loop of “it’s just one, no one will notice and you need to make sure they’re good”. Let me tell you, your brain is lying to you because 1. No one, ever, anywhere, can have just one peanut; 2. Of course they’re delicious, it’s peanuts, sugar and spices and 3. They need time to go from good to A-MAZING!

And, these Portuguese peanuts can be transformed from a snack - to an addition to both sweet and savory meals. Chop up and add to a salad - or take it in another direction and add them to the topping of baked goods - like my famous Portuguese chocolate cake!  

This recipe pairs perfectly with Portuguese Port wine cocktails - check out our recipe for a Port Tonic here!



- Cheers! xoxo, Joana  

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