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Meet Joana, our new Portuguese food & wine writer!

Meet Joana, our new Portuguese food & wine writer!

 If you’re here you’re probably thinking about Portugal, right? What recipes pair best with the wines, inspiration for your next trip when we can travel again and other insider Portuguese tips and tricks! Well, sit back and enjoy because you just found your source for more info! 

My name is Joana, I’m a born and bred Portuguese woman, living in a small town just north of Lisboa called Leiria. I’m a freelancer working in the Portuguese wine business, doing mostly marketing and wine tourism related activities -- that’s actually how I met Rachel Farah! 

A few years ago, in one of my wine tours for the Lisbon wine region, I invited her as one of five wine importers coming to explore the region. She attended, we connected, got to talking and the relationship flourished from there, so much that she went from being one of the guests in my wine tour to being one of the guests in my wedding, imagine that! 

It is my pleasure to be here curating her blog and I’m very excited to introduce you to the amazing world of Portuguese wine, food and culture. I’ll be sharing weekly recipes, tips, tricks and all you need to know to either plan a visit to the country or enjoy it right at home.

Now, and before we dive into the goods, just a second to address the virus in the room – covid19.

It’s been a weird year with everything closed down or temporarily out of service a little bit all over the globe but the good news are starting to come. Cases are coming down fast vaccination has been well underway since the beginning of January. Even though we’re still in lockdown until (probably) Easter, things will likely re-open after that and gradually go back to normal.

At the moment, we’re hoping for a nice summer to go back out, to eat, drink and be with other human beings. Which brings us back here, the place you need to visit again and again if you want to know all there is to know, whether you want to plan your next Portuguese meal at home or book your flights and come say hi.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be diving into some of my favorite recipes that you can easily cook at home, an insider’s look at Lisbon’s wines (yes, the bright city also has a wine region!) as well as other travel and lifestyle tips and tricks!  

Tchim tchim!  - Joana Rute Carmo

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