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Super Easy 5 Ingredient Pasta with Canned Sardines!

Super Easy 5 Ingredient Pasta with Canned Sardines!

Joana here, Farah Trading Co's food writer, cooking a delicious and quick canned sardine recipe to share with you from my kitchen in Leiria, Portugal. 

Canned sardines are prefect for the nights when you want to indulge in something delicious to pair with a nice glass of wine but you don't want to deal with complicated dishes and recipes. This is one of my go-to canned sardine recipes for those days - it's five ingredients and 15 minutes from start to finish!

Just grab a can of sardines, some garlic, sun dried tomatoes, pasta and a handful of arugula to add some green to the dish.  

spaghetti, canned sardines, arugula, dried tomatoes, garlic
dried tomatoes and garlic on the pan

Cook the pasta until al dente - make sure it has some bite to it.  Drizzle some oil from the sardines into a hot pan and then and add sliced garlic and chopped sun dried tomatoes - leave them to sizzle until golden.

Pour a splash of white wine into the pan to refresh the veggies and add some extra flavor. The pasta should be almost done by now - once it is, just add it to the pan and pour some of the starchy water to thicken the sauce. Mix it up. Finish the plate with the delicious sardines and the arugula.

canned sardines pasta

That's it! How easy is that? You can do it today and it will be delicious!

Looking for more canned sardine recipes? Check out our Portuguese tinned sardines on toast recipe here.

As you know, canned sardines are a staple in Portugal, an import part of our past, present and future! To learn more about the history of the tinned sardine, check out our blog post here to learn about their incredible health benefits.



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