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Quick and Easy Bolhão Pato Clams (With Vinho Verde!)

Quick and Easy Bolhão Pato Clams (With Vinho Verde!)

Joana here - Farah Trading Co's wine and food writer based in Leiria, Portugal! Today I am writing about one of my favorite Portuguese seaside treats - Bolhão pato clams .

Whether you are visiting Lisboa, Porto or the Algarve, this Portuguese classic is a must try (especially if you are near water!). Bolhão pato clams, a nice bottle of chilled wine with a basket of bread on the side and you are set, Portuguese style! While you’re still at home, planning your next trip, recreate that feeling with this super easy, extra quick, can’t-go-wrong recipe of “Bolhão Pato clams”


The ingredient list is simple, so go for the best quality ingredients. Get around 2 pounds of clams (best to use fresh but frozen are fine). To prevent biting into some sand, just let your clams sit in a bowl with cold water a handful of salt for at least half an hour – this will help them release any gunk or sand.

On the side, just smash a handful of garlic cloves with a knife – you can remove the shell if you want to. I don´t, flavour is flavour and this makes it even easier.

Then just grab a pan, drizzle some Portuguese olive oil, and throw those smashed garlic cloves, let them start to get a little bit golden and throw in the clams.

By now you should be listening to them sizzling in the pan and you’ll see them opening up, slowly. Now, add lemon juice, white wine and the chopped coriander.

Season generously with salt and pepper.

clams in white wine, lemon juice and coriander sauce

The smell alone is amazing and that’s it -- you’re pretty much done as soon as those clams open and absorb the flavor of that delicious sauce.

Grab a nice big platter, scatter those clams, garnish with some lemon wedges to squeeze on the table, sprinkle some extra coriander if you like and serve up.

Oh! You need bread – any kind is fine, your just need to soak up all those delicious remaining juices on the platter.


Tchim, tchim,


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