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A message from Rachel Farah

As a third-generation importer with roots to Portugal dating back to the 1400’s, I’ve carefully curated the most exquisite items, places, and experiences from this beautiful country for you to enjoy - from your home to your travels and back again. Saúde!

Farah's Story

Custom Travel Consultations

Excited about planning your trip to Portugal but could use a little help with the details? We are now offering custom travel consultations to help you experience artisan Portugal.

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Travel and recipe Blog

Visiting Funchal, Madeira

Funchal, a place where nature and culture thrives, is the perfect base to explore the tropical island of Madeira.  Whether you’re arriving by cruise or plane, our guide covers the top things to do, eat and see in Funchal to help you make the most of your visit.

Farah’s Guide to Enjoying Port Part 2: Serving and Storing

Today's deep dive into Port covers some of the most frequent questions we get about serving and storing Port wine; from glassware to temperature to the question ...  "How long can I store opened Port wine?" and  "Should I store it in the fridge?"!

At Farah, our modern trading is not just about finding beautiful and delicious products; it's about highlighting and elevating producers doing it right.

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